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If you’re out and about, exploring the area around Lyndhurst but you find yourself thinking “where can I take the family for a good meal and relax?” Look no further than The Swan Inn, located on Swan Green, Emery Down in Lyndhurst. Just a short walk from the town itself, we’re an ideal spot for the family to enjoy some sumptuous food and refreshing beverages. Call us today on 023 8028 2203 for more information.

The Best of New Forest Family Pubs

Trekking around the New Forest is very tiresome, although well worth the effort. The scenery is beautiful, and the atmosphere in the area cannot be beaten. This makes The Swan Inn the perfect place to enjoy the ambience, along with great food and drink in our family pubs New Forest.

Our characterful restaurant is ideal for anyone looking to find suitable repast to satiate themselves after a day’s adventuring. We offer a comprehensive menu, including:

Main Menu

Vegan Menu

Sunday Menu

Gluten-Free Menu

Children's Menu

Seasonal/Events Menus

So you know when you visit us, there will definitely be something on the menu everyone will enjoy.

Family pubs New Forest can’t compete with the level of service we strive to provide to every guest that visits us, whether it’s for a quick pit stop or staying with us for a few days or more.

Sate Yourself

All of our food is freshly prepared by our exceptionally skilled chefs, all of which take pride in their work. They love excelling in all areas of our family pubs New Forest menus, adding twists and elements to their dishes that give you another level of satisfaction. No matter your dietary requirements, we can provide you with a range of dishes to choose from. The majority of our family pubs New Forest produce is sourced locally for maximum freshness, because everyone knows the longer the vegetables are out of the ground, the more the quality is reduced. With influences from around the world, nothing on our menu is mundane. Even simple sounding dishes will ignite your taste buds in new and exciting ways.

Our chefs are all highly decorated and qualified, taking their passions to new heights. We offer seasonal dishes with special menus that highlight that time of year, encapsulating everything that season inspires. Special dates and events throughout the year are marked on our calendar, and special dishes are prepared for the occasion, such as Valentine’s Day. The Swan Inn family pubs in the New Forest are frequented by a wide range of travellers, from cyclists to inquisitive families to passers-by. They all have one thing in common; they love our food and drink.

Being the best of family pubs New Forest has to offer, we have a play area the children can burn off their extra energy while you relax, enjoy a beverage and take a load off. The open garden area allows the freedom your children need, because usual New Forest family pubs can feel cramped for them. The open garden area allows the freedom your children need, because usual New Forest family pubs can feel cramped for them.

Wash It Down

As with our food menus, we offer an extensive range of drinks to complement each dish. Whether you’re looking for a simple pint of traditional hand pumped ale, or a classic cocktail to relax with in the garden, we’ve got options for everyone. Of course, soft drinks and squashes are on offer for the children and designated drivers as well. If you’re looking to supplement your meal with a glass of wine, The Swan Inn has a selection to choose from. You’ll never feel like your meal is missing something with the range of drinks available to you while dining.

A Bit About Us

The Swan Inn has only been called such since the 1980’s, and before that it was known as the Swan Alehouse. It was primarily used as a respite for the horse-drawn traffic that travelled through the area. With large stables, plentiful food and drink, and accommodation, it’s always been a hive of activity in the area.

The Swan Inn has become known for being the best of family pubs New Forest, and we are ever trying to improve. Our family run establishment gives you a homely feeling of comfort that you’ll seldom find elsewhere. Our traditional décor is accented with modern touches and contemporary design.

Our dog-friendly, family pubs in the New Forest have become a well-known place to kick back and relax, while everyone enjoys our food, drink and hospitality. It’s common that you’ll be visited by the local wildlife in the garden as well, with horses often displaying curiosity at our goings on.

Why Come To Us?

Given our extensive menu and ability to cater for any group, our family pubs New Forest are the go-to destination for food, drink, accommodation and event planning in the area. You’ll find us stocked with the finest ales, beers, lagers, spirits and liquors that perfectly accompany our outstanding food menus and seasonal additions.

No matter what the occasion, you’ll always be welcome at The Swan Inn. So whether you’re a food connoisseur or just stopping by for a cream tea and a sit-down, our warm-hearted and friendly staff will make you feel at home.

Contact Us

Feel free to give us a call on 023 8028 2203 if you would like any further information or to discuss a booking you’d like to make. The Swan Inn team look forward to meeting you and surprising you with the quality of food and drink our family pubs in the New Forest offers. You can also email us at, and we’ll respond to your query as soon as possible.

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