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The Swan Inn

Swan Green, Emery Down, Lyndhurst, SO43 7DT

Pub & Restaurant in the heart of Lyndhurst at the New Forest

The Swan Inn is situated just outside of Lyndhurst town which is considered to be the centre of the forest; it is a town which has been visited by Kings and Queens staying at the Royal Manor and tourists alike throughout the centuries.

The grounds of The Swan Inn have been used as an inn since c.1731. Originally the buildings on this site were used as a stables and coach house back in the day of horse drawn traffic. Old photographs show that the site was also used as a crowded courtyard for pony sales in the same area up until the earlier 1900’s until they were moved to a different site. The interior décor inside the pub captures the history of the forest and different cultures and events that have happened over the centuries in this idyllic part of Hampshire.

The Swan Inn was originally called the Swan Alehouse, then The White Swan and changed to The Swan Inn in the 1980’s. It is now a family run pub & restaurant with friendly staff and a great place for a meal, somewhere to take the family, relax and enjoy our beer garden & pub